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Printing facts are travelling around the world but have you ever wondered whether or not the things you hear about printers and printer ink cartridges are true?  Well, iCartridge can demystify two printing facts for you…


1) All ink cartridges do the same thing.

As printing facts go this one is definitely not correct.  Ink cartridges are specifically designed and engineered by manufacturers to work seamlessly with the model of printer they are designed for.  Nearly all of the manufacturers of leading brand printers design, develop and test their own ink cartridge technology to enhance the overall quality of the printing for the user.  The ink cartridges have added features which include many elements of technology.  Not all cartridges are the same nor do they all include the same features.  Here are some of the features found in different ink cartridges.

Ink cartridges can feature advanced technology to:

  • prevent ink from smudging when it hits the paperPrinting Facts Genuine Cartridges
  • enable fast drying
  • ensure colours are spread evenly to achieve optimum results
  • enhance and optimise colours for realistic photos
  • prevent the colours fading over time
  • give you sharp, detailed images for photos or documents

There are many more features available across the entire range of ink cartridges from all of the manufacturers.  With all these added benefits it is easy to see why ink cartridges vary in price so much, even within the same brand.  It is evident that you are paying for the technology within the cartridge. A lot of work has gone in to ensuring you get optimum printing results every time you print with a genuine brand cartridge.

2) Cheap printers are more economical

One of the most common printing facts everyone believes is this one.  Customers are really surprised when they find out how much their replacement cartridges will cost for their bargain printer. So before you launch in to purchasing the cheapest printer you can find, because at the end of the day they all print right? stop.  You may want to consider how much this cheap printer will cost you in the long run.  Here are some things to consider before you take the plunge:

  • Does the printer have high yield cartridges for more cost effective printing?
  • Which cartridges does the printer use and how much do they cost?
  • Does the printer use individual ink tanks for more economical printing?
  • Do I need special paper for the best printing results?
  • What photo paper do I need for professional, sharp, colour optimised photos?
  • How many printed pages will I get from each ink cartridge?
  • How much are the special labels for printing my CD/DVD labels?
  • Are there any economy settings on the printer to save time and money?

It is safe to say, that cheap printer is not always the bargain it may appear to be.  If you have a printer in mind use the iCartridge Search tools to do your homework.  Another good option is to go to the official brand websites and read about the printer you are interested in.

Well that’s two printing facts we have busted open.  We look forward to sharing more printing facts with you next time!


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VISA, MASTERCARDS, American Express, Direct Deposits, Cheques & Money Orders Accepted VISA, MASTERCARDS, American Express, Direct Deposits, Cheques & Money Orders Accepted
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